Friday, November 23, 2007

Creation, Colts and the Mustang Corral

Sorry about the delay in posts but life seemed to catch up to me and pass me by. It's kind of like being next to Finkelstein as he chats up a storm with the myriad of people he sees and knows at Stony and then after checking noise near my chain I look up to find him gone, vanished. It's something that would make Houdini proud.
So with this Thanksgiving vacation I have some time to regroup, catch my breath and at wait for the group to lap me upon where I will catch up and with Hamlet-esque resolution, vow not to get dropped again.
I spent some time in Indianapolis speaking at a Lutheran teachers conference. The presentations went well as I babbled about the benefit of using children's literature in high school English classes. I also shared some reading across the curriculum strategies. Several conference highlights:
1) The main speaker was Ken Ham, one of the greatest speakers on creation and a young-earth advocate that I have ever heard.
2) Envying Indianapolis Colts fans. They have winners. We have the Lions.
3) Opening the paper and seeing Detroit number ONE! the most violent city.
4) After my introduction where I included the phase, "I teach at Lutheran North in Macomb, Michigan, which is 20 miles north of Detroit" somebody asked me how dangerous it was to live there. At first I thought they were talking about driving on Hall Road or the LHN parking lot but the reference was Detroit. "Oh, there are bullets flying everywhere, knives glistening in the dark and screams every day and night, but none can be heard because as I said, MACOMB IS 20 MILES AWAY" is what I said in my mind. In reality I simply smiled and said, "Oh, it's fine." In fact I offered my son up as an example of proof. I told them he would be running the streets of Detroit with more than ten thousand other runners on Thanksgiving morning. They looked unconvinced. I quickly moved on.
5) After seeing the engine light come on an hour into my 6-hour trip, I evaluated the consequences, combined with my vast knowledge of the combustible engine and opted to chance it. After five more hours of travelling at 70 mph, my Honda Accord arrived intact. After breathing a sigh of relief, I immediately wondered if I would make it back. For those of you doubting my vehicular knowledge, keep in mind I drive a Honda. Of course, I made it back.

Game one of the season begins at Fraser High School as my freshmen take on the Lady Ramblers. We're looking to press early, score often and foul hard. If we complete that intricate trifecta all should be well at the Mustang corral.

Enjoy, appreciate and give thanks for all the earthly blessings the Lord has given us and focus on the greatest gift our Creator has given to us that ensures our eternal salvation: Christ.


Timothy Finkelstein said...

My only motivation to run fast during the marathon was because I was running for my's dangerous down there. Unfortunatly that is a skewed stat that does not reflect some of the progress our city has made in the past years. They fail to mention that over 90% of murders are calculated and not just random. Is it a problem of proverty and desperation or our we just living among horrible people...hmmmm. Everyone has to have some one to pick on I guess.

Steve Ng said...

I am convinced that Hall Rd could certainly be the most deadly place in Michigan. I come and find out there is a new mall? More traffic, more crazy people, more deaths.

Let's ensure our salvation in Christ so it will not matter.

JBrandt said...

Steve, If you know of the new mall then you also know what is next, my young reader of all things Steinbeck. Yes, that's right...a Wal-Mart will soon be going up on the southwest corner of Hall and Romeo Plank. You see, they are the source of all that is wrong with this world.

julianne said...

How many Wal-Marts are there in Michigan? Do they have ties to other big corporations? Does anyone know of lawsuits that have been filed against Wal-mart?

Timothy Finkelstein said...

Even the velo world has succumbed to the pressures of capitalistic consumerism! Yes, I am proud to announce that my sponsor, American Cycle and Fitness, will be joining the hopeful opportunistics by March 1st. They have recently signed a lease for one of the new building spaces across the street from Partridge Creek and next to the Saturn Dealership. At least it is a healthy focus.

Steve Ng said...

Talk to Mr. Gierach to watch the movie Low Cost At A High Price.

A group of 100 people stopped Wal-Mart from comming into a city in California.

Mr. Brandt.....get your troops together. Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war

JBrandt said...

Finkelstein, Your news was the stocking stuffer for my Christmas needs! How long before Fixed Gear Friday is resurrected?

Timothy Finkelstein said...

Coming this summer to a town near you:

FGF vr 2.0
Bigger....Badder...And more Bacon.

JBrandt said...

I'll get the RemBrandt Delivery cards ready.