Monday, October 8, 2007

Write it, Win it!

Here is this week's image for the Caption Contest. After talking with many graduates at Homecoming this weekend, I know you are reading the blog. You might as well come out of hiding and enter the contest. Oh, some of you still resist but you will leave the darkness of obscurity for a chance at public kudos.
This week I opted for a classic still shot from the cultish, Breaking Away. Great movie, great photo. Now it simply needs a great caption.

Homecoming was quite a spirited affair. The seniors, as per norm, won the spirit jug. If ever you thought this contest was rigged, last week may have proved it. There was not counting spirit week points, no points for events at the pep rally. The deciding, single event was the singing of the school's fight song. The loudest class would reap the rewards of the spirit jug. The freshmen were clueless. Oh, they had spirit and all but I'm not sure they knew anything after, "We're the Mighty Mustangs!" The sophomores were so shocked with the freshmen failure that they weren't much better. The juniors found themselves outvoiced by the senior class, not because they didn't have spirit, they were simply 50 some voices behind the seniors. So the seniors were happy.

PowderPuffapalooza 2007. I must admit there are times when I have to wear many hats: teacher, department chair, compassionate colleague, sensitive son, proud father. Friday was one of those proud dad days. There I was, video camera in hand filming my daughter's Powderpuff game. As a freshmen she, and her frosh friends, were in a David and Goliath-esque battle against the talented and experienced juniors. Well, we know how David was able to best Goliath. He used one sling, one stone and faith in the one, true Lord. With one fling of the arm, Goliath came crashing down. With two freshmen touchdowns, the juniors crashed as well...only harder, with more tears and bitter effusive emotion. I would also be remiss not to mention that my daughter scored the game-winning touchdown. It was a weekend I won't forgot and as soon as I figure out how to upload video to this blog, the world will also never forget.

With Rendezvous in Paris over, it's back to academic normalcy...that is if the junior girls can ever recover from being ousted, trampled, defeated, crushed and pulverized by a group of inexperienced and questionably coached 14-year-olds.


Timothy Finkelstein said...

Fun Fact: The original script of Breaking Away refered to the town locals as "stoners" rather than "cutters" refering to the stone they worked with in the factories. However, the producers felt the term had too much of a drug affiliation and decided to go the PC route and call the "cutters".

Blog looks great! Lots of new improvements. You may want to start thinking about renaming it to The Clem The Truth vr2.0

Steve Ng said...

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aarong1204 said...

"Hey Moocher, Look at me NOWWWWW!"

The Commish said...

I love medicated Gold Bond!

JBrandt said...

My shaved pits are as smooth as my shaved legs!

Andrew Fluegge said...

Spandex, cycling, Mr. Rohde before he discovered the weight room.