Friday, September 21, 2007

It will be a great weekend if...

* The Lions roll their winning streak to three
* Michigan fools everyone and bests Penn State so there is at least a glimmer of hope to win some kind of championship this year
* My son clocks his best time at the Wolcot Mill race this weekend
* I get Magglio's jersey this Sunday at the Shirts-off-our-back promotion at Comerica Park
* I get every last test and paper graded
* My hands still functions after grading every test and paper
* I can close the pool without having to buy a new cover for the third consecutive year
* My neighbor offers to power-wash the deck and stain it for nothing more than a handshake
* The weekend is ripe with experiences for scintillating blog fodder


D. Rohde said...

Only two things on your list could possibly occur. Aaron getting his best time and you getting Magglio's jersey.

John Brandt said...

Originally, I was going to add that the Con. U. Cougars were going to get their second win, but I don't need Webster to define the definition of "fat chance".

Steve Ng said...
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Steve Ng said...

Don't let the Detroit NFL franchise fool you. As seen in the novel Lord of the Flies only the strong survive. The Detroit NFL franchise are only breathing because they have not yet faced any challenges. A raider and a viking possess the same amount of strength as my grandma.

John Brandt said...

Did the strong survive? Who's considered strong? Jack? His games are broken up. Ralph? It takes an adult from the other world to save his about-to-be-shish-ka-bobbed buns.
Sure, the irrational and impulsive readers turn to the adult that comes to the island. If he's so strong why does he need an instrument of death and why has he been involved in a war attempting to prove superiority? If he's truly superior, everyone will know. They don't. He's not. The Lions are.
How do I jump to that leap of logic? I'm not sure. I don't have ALL the answers. However, I do have enough common sense to know a winner when I see one.


Red Pollard

aarong1204 said...

I'll put my money on one of these things happening- Aaron getting his best time.

Eagles 24 Lions 14

Nittany Lions 28 Wolverines 17

aarong1204 said...

P.S. I hope your neighbor reads this blog.